Monday, September 23, 2013

Heavenly Language

Heavenly language is not uncommon among Christians. God had poured out this gifting during the reformation of Baptist church into the movement of Assembly of God. Heavenly language is also known as Speaking in Strange Tongue. Many Christians have come to believe that this gift had ceased or only few Christian had empowered to have this gifting. But according the Bible, this gifting is available to all. Those who seek, will find, and those who ask, will be given.
Our God is a generous God. He is ready to provide the very need for us to grow in His Love, to be intimate with Him. However, God does give gifting to His Son and Daughter according to His Will. Speaking in Tongue is neither a must nor a practice that Christians should take lightly on. In the Bible, Apostle Paul with gladness said “I thank God that I speaks in strange tongues much more than any of you” in 1 Corint 14:18. I believe there is such a weight in the statement that he had claimed . They must be something about speaking in tongue that caused Apostle Paul to make such a “prideful” claim.
God is not a God that will waste His own power or resource though His Power and Resources are limitless. There is a good reason why God is giving every Christian a portion of His Giftings, which is to serve Him in His Glory.
Previously I was skeptical when come to talk about the functional truth of speaking in tongue. Previously I was from traditional church that put much emphasis on Holy Living and Relationship with God, which I found really good and life – changing. However, God had brought me to another stage of relationship with Him when I truly experienced the supernatural gifting of speaking in tongue last 3 years ago, which had definitely opened my eye to many familiar scriptures in the Bible which I used to come around and thought I had come to full understanding of them. But I realized I was totally wrong as it was a total different experience. In the eye-opening experience, God granted me this gifting through the power of the Holy Spirit. My entire body was shaking from head to toe, followed by my abdomen. There was this pulsatile impulse over my abdomen which came from external. By that as I opened my mouth, a native language flowed from my mouth. It was Jewish.And I was kicked into a new adventurous walk with God since then.
Joh 7:38  He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his  belly shall flow rivers of living water.
After 1 years, God granted me a vision. In that vision, God gave me a revelation that I had never knew before. In that vision, I was bound in a prison with another Christian brother of mine. Then came a great muscular weird looking creature which I immediately perceived as Demon from the corner of the door. He pushed my head onto the floor of the prison cell. Then at that moment, I was prompted to speak in tongue. After a while of speaking, came two huge muscular beautiful Angel wrapped in white gown, appeared from the door, walked towards us , and with ease, grabbed the demon at both side and carried him out from the prison and out from the prison and the door. I was just speechless.
From that vision, God revealed to me the power of speaking in tongue. The gifting plays an important part in our spiritual warfare every day. As a Christian, we are fighting demon every day whether we like it or not.  

To be continued….

Saturday, August 31, 2013

No more a mere religion.

Christianity is no more a form of mere religion to me, but a way of Truth of life. Many are still kept away from the Truth for just one reason, Sin. The principality of this world have blinded them. Blinded them from the very source of " Light " , the very Jesus Christ that hanged on the Calvary tree. He came to save His Own People but His people rejected him. But His love will never fail and will endure forever. His Grace is all we need in Life. That Grace empowers us to go beyond our abilities, and even to change the very atmosphere surround us . All glory , thanksgiving, power, dominion and glory be unto the Father in Heaven

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Working in Ward 20, Paediatric Respiratory Ward in Hospital Sibu on one of the day is just another routine of the day. Though in the routine, God will always care and surprise me. As usual awaiting specialist round after morning review, I will be trying to guess which patient will be fit enough to be discharged by the specialist. From the head count, that day I could still count with my finger. I am glad if the specialist can discharge more patients on that day and which also mean I got to write more discharge summaries. I don’t really mind because as long as the patient can go back home ,the family need not have to travel to and fro so far to come to hospital to visit the patient. Really not an easy task  for them.

As the specialist walked into the ward, took a fast glance of which patient can be active enough to be discharged, he told me and one of the Medical officer that his job is to discharge patient from the ward. And true enough that day he discharged half of the ward’s patient. Surely I was glad, but the amount of discharge summaries that I need to finish is immense. I was telling God “Father, there is so much discharge summaries I need to handle , for sure I would not be able to go for lunch until I finish them all by myself. How nice if there is another houseofficer or medical officer to help me out to write.” But I knew I can only dream of it because in that ward, only one house officer handles the entire ward and the MO is busy most of the time. Anyway, what I did know is I got to finish up the summaries as fast as I can and if God wants to help me, then I will be very very glad.

While I was struggling to complete the 2nd summaries, suddenly a HO came into the ward wanting to use the computer there. She was planning to send a document to one of the specialists but she realized she had misunderstood after I told her that she does not need to do so. Then, she told me she is free to help to write the summaries. Before I can say anything, she sat down and started writing. At that moment of truth, I was so stunned and very surprised cause at that moment I knew God is answering my prayer in front of my eyes. I praised and gave all thanks and glory to Jesus. God will always help us in time of need.

After a while, one of the medical officer came in, sat down and started writing the summaries too , then followed by another MO , also did the same thing. I was speechless because it had never been a time where 4 people write discharge summaries in ward 20 before. Very obvious, God is running extra mile for me.   Not long after the struggle, all the discharge summaries were completed and we all headed for lunch.

I am not very sure whether Christian all there acknowledge the very real and natures of God, His Love and Faithfulness are unending. I do believe God is working hard in the lives of Christian but do we realize His existence of help and presence. We tend to appraise our own works and accomplishments than to understand the Grace of God. So, be sensitive to the presence of God as it, no doubt, will strengthen our faith and love for God.

Blessed to be a blessing.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Experience

As the craft lifted off into the sky, the higher it went, the further the horizon I could see …. And the scarier it got, when out of nowhere, I started to recall every single pictures of helicopter crashes . I could still remember how the pictures just traveled through my mind. But when I thought of God, who is Love, my fear was gone, FOR LOVE CASTS OUT ALL FEAR. I kept giving thanks to God as I am escorting a “not hard to deal “ patient in the trip, which give me room to enjoy the very height of the craft. Really incredible and amazing. From far, I could see dark clouds bringing its load to the certain place, ready to pour down its content, joined in by the thunder. But that doesn’t stop us from continuing our trip. Before I board the craft, I told the pilot I wanted to sit at the front sit and He said “ No problem, can can.” I was like “ Cool”.  Half way through the trip, the pilot said ‘ Doc ‘. I replied “ Yes”. Then he said again “ Doc, give me your hand”. I said “ why??? “. I replied “ Put your hand on the steering.” I was like “ what???”. Then He just grabbed my hand and put my hand on the steering. Then he continued “ Now you fly… “  AGAIN,in my mind, I was like “ WHAT??? “  From that moment , I was flying the craft for the first time of my life. At first He was guiding my hand, then slowly he let go of his hand.  And for the first time in my life, I relieved how sensitive the steering can be. Super sensitive. I pity the patient cause I believe my flying skill might cause him to throw out. I was flying for few minutes and yes, it was difficult and super dangerous. One turn mistake can cause all the lives in the helicopter. I was asking God “ How long will the pilot going to let me fly? I myself also wan to throw out already. How can the pilot trust me to fly? “ The pilot just kept saying “ Good, good, continue , see you can fly it, continue , continue”. Before I knew it, my heart was like increasingly racing.  After few minutes, the pilot took over the wheel and surely enough, I was very thankful.
It is one thing to sit in the craft but it is totally another experience when you are flying that machine. WHAT an experience…
What touched me the most was not the flying part, but God himself, His Love for me. He still remember my little dream I had. If God would to remember the little dream I had and cause the dream to come through, how much more He cares for the issues or decisions in life that is crucial to us. He will do even greater works in us.
Lastly, I gave all praises and Glory to Him, my Heavenly Father through Jesus. I love you too Jesus. Thanks you so much for Your Love for me.

With love,

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Experience

Dating back to the very old days, when I was still in my ignorance state, free from any responsibilities with never ending thought of imaginations, was dreaming to achieve the impossible. Touching on impossibility, our God, Jesus is of exclusion. Yes. He is God of impossibility.

I was fortunate to recall an impossible that I used to dream of. To fly a helicopter. Flying a helicopter is not an uncommon dream that most boys had. The exhilaration and excitement that the lift will cause is just an another difference yet challenging experience. All attention was given to the above atmosphere every time when the rotorcraft cut through the sky. Then I came to a state of mind where I wanted to be a pilot but due to my deteriorating bilateral eyes, the occupation ended up just an option of exclusion. However I ended up becoming someone who is still trying to diagnose diseases.

I could still vividly remember that I use to tell my Heavenly Father about my dream. Dream to fly a helicopter. Guess what He replied “ You will get your turn.” I was like thinking how can it be possible when I am in totally different field. I am not even trained to fly a helicopter, to add thing worse; I had never sat on any of those rotorcraft. But then, out of nowhere came the Hope. Hope to fly the baby one day.

Time flies. Moving fast into my working field, Hospital Sibu, in the most challenging department , Surgery, that frequently offers patient to be flown to Sarawak General Hospital for further treatment and this is where HouseOfficer get to escort patients in the Medic Helicopter or Medivec. I couldn’t ask more from God to get a change to escort patient to SGH in Medivec. Guess what, in the first month in Surgery Department, I got the chance to bring a patient to SGH.

Pushing the patient into the lower deck of the craft, my pulse rate raised and more adrenaline was pumped. I couldn’t believe I am flying in one of these babies. As the craft lifted from the ground, I thank God for the first time experience and for His Fatherly Love for remembering what I dreamt of when I was still a kid, to sit in an flying helicopter.

To be continued…

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Untouched portion

Wow, time passes fast. My last blog was 2011 year. So much thing i want to add to the blog. 

I believe there are many times or moment when we realise that there is a part in our life or heart that is untouched by the circumstances of life, but yet yearning to be filled and completed. Many of us will try all ways to make the part of life attended but to no avail and at the end of the day, it will be left untouched and incomprehensible by man. Nothing is far fetched from God. Nothing is untouched by God. God can touch the very part of that untouched heart. Only Him can make His way through to that part of life because only He has the key to your heart, provided you permit Him to come through. He is the only true source of Life. What is the meaning of True Living if it is not Jesus who created us in Love , watching each steps that we take in Life. we are living in the very last day. God is giving us so much grace to speed up His Second coming. Jesus came to this world with a reason and that is to save us. The key to save us is the Cross at the Calvary. He came to this world to make everything new again. So do we who He had chosen. We are chosen to make a difference in this world. We are called for that very reason. And that is how our untouched soul should be fulfilled. It is when we are moving in our calling set by Jesus himself. Each of us has a calling to run after and that calling is the very reason we are here on earth. Remember, We are in the world but not of the world. We are not the citizen of the world , but Heaven. That is why we are supernatural being with supernatural calling led by supernatural Father in Heaven. Be Blessed. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yearning to share His Secrets…

Chattering of the excited congregation was slowly overwhelmed by the thickening of God’s presence in the sanctuary as the worship service was starting. I still remember that Sunday morning was not a regular Sunday service because the place was packed with people unknown to me. To my curiosity, I asked one of the church advisors who are those new faces and I was told that they are from other university. In the midst of these new faces, there were non-Christians. As usual, I sat down at one corner of the sanctuary and meditated in the Spirit as I committed myself to God over the morning service. While I was eagerly waiting for the service to start, I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to seek God for a word regarding that the unusual morning service. For that reason, I asked God to speak to me while I prayed in the Spirit. By faith, I did believe God will speak to me as I myself had experienced how God can communicate with us as how our earthly fathers do. As I continued to pray, I asked God “Abba, what is the thing that you want to tell me about the church today? The service is going to start soon and I have no idea how are You going to speak to me.” Nevertheless, I continued to wait upon the Lord.

Just before the service started, there was still not a single word from the Lord. I should say I was a bit disappointed because I thought that God might have spoken and I was not tuned in to His Word. But still, I did not give up asking God, for I yearned to know what God had installed for the church. Knowing that the service will commence in a few minutes time, I decided to take a stroll outside the sanctuary, just to give myself a last chance, hoping that God will speak to me. As I was at the verge of giving up, one of the children that were running around the compound bumped into me and in seconds he silently uttered these words from his mouth “John… 6…” By that time, I was totally dumbfounded and rooted to the spot because I knew God had just spoken to me at that very moment. Before I knew it, the boy had sped off. Obviously, I was not very satisfied with the answer and guess what I was after the boy. I stopped him and asked him “what did you say just now?” He kept silence and was trying to wrestle with me, wanting to escape. Again, staring into his eyes, I asked “Do you want to tell me something just now? What is it? What John …what?” The boy replied “John 14:6”. Immediately, I was speechless and could not believe myself that God had just literally sent a 6 years old boy to speak to me. What amazed me the most was God chose to use a young little boy (in the picture) who was yet to experience the reality of life, to speak to me. God told me His Secret in His mysterious way.

John 14:6 “I (Jesus) am the way, the truth and the life; no one goes to the Father except by me.”

I told no one what God had revealed to me that day except one of the leaders of the church. Guess what, that morning itself the preacher had emphasized John 14:6, that might had directed to the non- believers. Plus, during one of the prayer meetings, the speaker for the coming Easter event shared to us that His core verse that God wanted him to preach during his sermon on that important day is John 14:6. To add, the main theme for my campus medic cell group that semester itself was John 14:6. No doubt that John 14:6 was the word from God to the church that period of season.

1Corinthians 2:10 But it was to us that God made known his secret by means of his Spirit. The Spirit searches everything, even the hidden depths of God's purposes.

By the time I realized all these, I praised and gave God all the Glory. That moment of encountering with God has surely boosted my faith and without denying, God yearns to make known His Secret to His Sons and Daughters, which include you and me.

All glory to God.